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  Wow . . . Two Weeks!!! . . . 24th January 2014

. . . I can’t believe I’ve been in my new home for two weeks. We’ve been so busy I didn’t have time to write my blog last week. I get my second vaccination on Monday so I can go out for a walk with Angel and Belle…I can’t wait. Well I suppose I should tell you what we’ve been up to. Mum says I’ve grown so much and that I’m getting very good at sleeping in my crate now. I like sleeping in there when I want a nap too, especially if Mum is on the computer doing her “University stuff.” I like to keep an eye on her and go and give her cuddles if she looks a bit stressed, after all, she needs to have a break every now and then and what better way to do that than give me Angel and Belle cuddles?

Me and Mum have been doing some “Training” too. I can do “sit,” “down,” “wait” and “stand”…. sort of. We use some of my meal times for that. I know my name quite well now too. Mum, Dad and me have been practicing that lots, because Mum says it’s very important.

I love playing with my toys but I don’t like giving up my toy. Mum has a great game we play where I get one toy if I give her the one I have already…double the fun.I love playing with my toys but I don’t like giving up my toy. Mum has a great game we play where I get one toy if I give her the one I have already…double the fun.

One great thing I have been doing is going to my Aunties house, when Mum has to gout for a few hours. She doesn’t like to leave me on my own for too long because I’m still quite small and I’m not used to it, even though Angel and Belle are there. So I get to stay with my Aunty and Uncle and play with their dog Indie….she’s not as grumpy as Angel, although she is just as big, but we have great fun playing.

Anyway, I’m quite tired now, so I’m going to have a nap. Speak to you all soon x x x 


  Day One – My New Home . . . Saturday 11th January 2014

I’M HERE!!! My new Mum and Dad came to pick me up today. I was a bit sad to leave, but my new Mum cuddled all the way to my new home, which was really nice, except I was sick in the car….I’ve never been in a car before so Mum said it was ok. When we got home, they showed me my new play pen, which is fab and has loads of toys. I met my new sisters. Angel, the big one, was a bit unsure of me and the little one was also a little bit nervous….I don’t know why, they are both bigger than me. Mum said that when I can go for a walk, we will become best buddies as I will be able to run around with them a bit more…I’m not sure about Mum’s garden, its different to the one I knew, so I had a wee indoors, but Mum didn’t get mad, she didn’t say anything, she just keeps taking me outside, I think it’s so I can get used to it…I think she wants me to wee out there, but I’m not sure. Anyway, I’m quite tiered now and still a bit sad, but I’m having lots of cuddles when I wake up and playtime. I think I’m going to be very happy here, especially with all these toys and stuff :-)

  My First Ever Puppy Blog !!! - Sunday 5th January 2014

My new Mummy and Daddy came to see me today.  I'm not old enough to go and live with them yet, but it won't be long, then I'll have two new playmates.  My new mummy says the one called Belle will love to play with me as she is nuts and a "proper loon" . . . haha I think I'm going to like her !!  Mummy said that the big dog at my new home, Angel, is a big black Lab, like a big version of me, I can't wait to meet her.  My new Daddy says that they are building me a new playpen area so that I can have my own space to play in, as well as playing with everyone else . . . won't that be cool.  I'll have my very own crate to sleep in and lots of toys to play with too. Mummy says that she has got loads of toys that I can chew on too...I LOVE chewing !!!  My new Mummy and Daddy say they are really looking forward to me living with them, I can't wait either, only a week to go....Yay !!!

Mummy and daddy say they have lots to do, before I get to live with them. They have to make the garden "puppy safe" so no rubbish or plants that I might like to chew on, or might be nasty for me to chew on.  They are checking their fences to make sure there are no holes I can get through and making the places in the house I can go into "puppy safe" too.  I think that means making sure there is nothing I can get hold of and chew, like electric wires, or food I'm not supposed to have . . . I thought I was allowed to chew anything I liked, but they said they will teach me what I can and can't chew safely, apparently it involves lots of toys and treats...can't wait to find out more about that. . . well, that's my first ever puppy blog written woohoo !!  I'm off for my puppy nap now, speak to you soon, love Tank :) :) x x

ps just 6 sleeps til I go to my new home :)


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