Puppy Foundation Agility Courses

Our Puppy Foundation Courses are suitable for puppies and young dogs aged between 5 months and 15 months.  As well as continuing to reinforce your dog's basic obedience, we introduce you and your puppy to basic agility equipment at ground height, so it is perfectly safe for your pup's growing joints and bones.

Puppy Foundation Agility is a fantastic way to challenge your young dog's brain and teach them new exercises. 



  Ends of / Balance on Contact Equipment


  Weave Entries


  Micro Jumps / Jump Bumps


The skills they learn at foundation level will assist them greatly if you do decide you wish to progress on to our popular Agility for Beginners courses.  We find that dogs who start young with us, progress at a tremendous pace, once they are old enough to start jumping "height" as an adult dog . . . and who knows, you may even decide that you wish to compete at agility in the future!!

 You can find out more details about adult dog Agility for Beginners  courses on our dedicated agility training site www.baddogz.com

To book into a Puppy Pals class please contact us by phone, text message or email:

 07739 40 58 38    info@puppypals.co.uk