Young Dog Obedience Courses

At Puppy Pals we offer young dog obedience courses for dogs aged 5 months and upwards.   


Not everyone gets their dog as a small puppy, and not everyone has managed to undertake a puppy socialisation course before their puppy is 5 months of age.  In these circumstances it can be common for people to struggle with teaching their young dogs basic obedience and how to mix appropriately with other dogs.


We can assist you in training your young dog in basic obedience and help you address any bad habits or problems that may have started recently, or become ingrained unwanted habits. 


Even some of the worst behaviours that owners are experiencing can be addressed.  We break training plans down step by step to make it simple for you to understand why you are using each method and how your young dog will progress.  

Owners often come to us describing their young dogs as "out of control" with "selective hearing", but we can soon work out where your training has been going wrong and assist you in implementing a reward system which will work for you and your dog. 

It can take longer to undo bad habits, but our training methods utilise clicker training to help your young dog recognise what their right and wrong decisions are, while using positive training methods.


By the end of our 8 week training courses, you will notice visible differences in your young dog's basic obedience and any problems you have been experiencing.  Many of our clients feel confident enough to progress on to our beginners agility courses, once they have completed their obedience course, to continue their young dog's training.

To book into a Puppy Pals class please contact us by phone, text message or email:

 07739 40 58 38